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EC-Council certifications validate skills and expertise in the field of IT security. As computer crimes continue to escalate in scale and complexity, organizations are hiring record numbers of trained and certified IT security specialists to combat hackers, malicious attacks and security threats. EC-Council certifications prove your real-world skills and qualifications in today's most demanded computer security domains, including, ethical hacking, computer forensics, network security and penetration testing, helping to move you to the top of the list for a wide range of private and public sector positions in information security.

"To beat a hacker, you need to think like one!" is is the motto of EC-Council's flagship certification - Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) - and the epitome of its stance on IT security training and certification. EC-Council certification training first teaches you how to "be" a cyber criminal, because understanding the motivations, tricks and techniques of attackers is the first step in making you the ultimate weapon against attack. EC-Council certifications measure your skills in the latest information security tools, technologies, prevention methods and countermeasures.

EC-Council credentials are used by a variety of government organizations - including the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense - to clear government personnel and contractors for privileged access to sensitive data, and recognized worldwide as a trusted indicator of advanced skills and qualifications in the IT security field.


Average salaries for EC-Council certified professionals:
• ENSA: Network Security Administrator salary: $85,000
• CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker salary: $89,000
• ECSA: Certified Security Analyst salary: $90,000
• LPT: Licensed Penetration Tester salary: $92,000
• CHFI: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator salary: $96,000
Salary by EC-Council Certificate (USA)


• EC-Council is a globally accepted information security organization.
• EC-Council provides Completely Vendor Neutral tactical security programs.
• EC-Council certified members earn top salaries by employing the most advanced capabilities.
• To beat a hacker, you must think like one, this is the premise of our flagship certification, the Certified Ethical Hacker, which teaches the tools and techniques of the world’s most notorious underground hackers.
• Stay in tune with this rapid changing industry, EC-Council invests millions into R&D across hundreds of experts in each program, equipping global thought leaders and security practitioners with the tools and knowledge to defend what matters.
• EC-Council's cutting edge programs are defining the world of ethical hacking. Recognized by the US Department of Defense, CEH is a premier certification option for US Cyber Defenders. Recognized by the National Security Agency Committee on National Security Standards at every level.
• EC-Council programs cover everything from Novice Computer Security to techniques used in defending critical infrastructure and top secret government networks in the Enclave.
• Certified candidates will be equipped with a plethora of tools through EC-Council's many industry contributions.
• Certified candidates will possess the ability to apply acquired knowledge to secure real assets. Weekly and Monthly Security Seminars are held at no charge to our members providing continuing education from global thought leaders and best of breed organizations.
• EC-Council provides News Communities through our Hacker Journals Project, Code Red Center provides latest threats and alerts ensuring you are always up on current issues. • EC-Council even has a private University, Licensed by the NM Department of Higher Education providing a Master’s Program in Security Science taking your knowledge and certifications to a globally superior level in a field that requires nothing less to stay secure.
• Learn what over 70,608 other security practitioners and leaders already have, join our base of Certified Members and reap the benefits.

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